3 Must Use SEO Tools

May 10, 2020

Search Engine Optimization commonly known as SEO is one of the most important aspect to successfully run a website on search engine result pages. Google and various other search engines ranking changes constantly and this means that you will have to keep a close watch on the latest updates issued by the search engines and implement the same in order to outpace your competitors and rank better in search engine result pages. This is surely a challenging task to do but not to worry as there are several online SEO tools available making your work easier. As there are over hundreds of tools available, in this article we will be introducing you to the top 3 tools that are completely trusted by the experts. Check out the list below;

Google Search Console

There's a new Speed Report coming to Google Search Console ...

Google Search Console offers a huge collection of services that can help you figure out how the search engine views your website. The key features of the tool including tracking of keywords used by the visitors to reach your website, updates robots.txt file, monitor the website’s back links and most importantly, it notifies you in case your website is infected with malware. The tool is extremely easy to understand and use.


Keywords play a vital role in search engine optimization and SEMrush is one of the most prominent keyword research tool that helps you collect the data about the number of people looking for the particular terms. The key features of tool include monitoring the competitor’s texts and media ads, finding information about the website’s backlinks and in researching the value of particular queries. For in-depth information you can opt for its premium version which is definitely worth it.


Link-able is one of the most popular tool offering unique approaches to the optimize the website, boost SEO as well as to expand your traffic. The key features of the tool include finding high qualified authors who have passed a rigorous testing process, receiving proposals for the projects and also allows you to focus on your content while employing others for managing link-building process.

To conclude, using the above listed SEO tools will surely help you improve your website ranking for better and faster results. Also, these tools are extremely easy to optimize the content and structure of the website. To know more about SEO tools, stay connected to us.

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