Top 3 Proof-reading Tools for Freelance Writers

May 6, 2020

Writing good content is an art in itself. Content writing is not just about writing about a topic and throwing it of on the internet for the readers. To make your content worth reading, as a content writer you will have to ensure that you compose content that is useful to the readers, engaging and also encourages readers to come back for such more blog posts. And doing so is not really easy, it comes a lot of time as you will have to be creative in each sentence. And to approve your work, you will surely need some help and proof-reading tools would be that helping hand to you. It will help you find errors throughout your copy and help you fix it. However, there are seamless options available, in this article we have come up with the most reliable proof-reading tools available online. Check out the list below;

Slick Writer

Slick Write | Check your grammar. Proofread online.

Slick Writer is one of the most prominent proof-reading tool because of it user-friendly interface. You can directly type in your content or paste your copy here. The tool will then check for the grammatical errors, misspelling and punctuation mistakes. Also, it will check for misuse of words, repetition and wordiness. For extreme details like gender-specific pronouns, abstract words, biased language and more, you can modify the setting if required or else you can just stick to the basic version of tool.


1Checker is best known for enhancing the readability and professionalism of the words. It focuses on correcting the grammatical errors and misspellings if any within your copy. The tool is absolutely free to use for optimizing your content. Also, it offers an vocabulary enrichment, in-built thesaurus and dictionary to improve your writing skills.

Plagiarism is the greatest offense in the content writing field, it has the potential to ruin your career, businesses and possibly end up with an expensive lawsuit. Considering the destruction plagiarism can cause, its best to take efforts to eliminate it at any cost. PlagTracker will scan all your blogs and compare your copy with thousands of website to ensure that there is no duplicate content in your copy. Also, the tool can help you rewrite sentences to make it an original piece.

To conclude, the above listed are top 3 proof-reading and edition tools that will surely help you improve your content. To know more about content writing, stay connected to us. Thank you for your time.